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We are a community of like minded people that chats about anything and everything, plays all sorts of games and has loads of fun!

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Discord Community

Before we accept you...

It is important to introduce yourself in "#introductions" channel after joining our Discord server so we can get to know you more readily, newcomer! The purpose of this is to let us know why you've joined. You're a stranger to us, so make yourself known. People who simply try to verify without any introduction can be rejected. We hope you enjoy your stay!

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We have a couple of rules

We are an 18+ community, anyone underaged will be rejected!

Be mindful of others in all interactions. We're a pretty relaxed group but making others uncomfortable is not cool! Treat others with respect and generally avoid vulgarity and toxicity. Do not talk join user blocking in the 3rd person as if the other person doesn't exist.

Keep discussion in the proper channels. This is to ensure that discussions don't get buried by other people interjecting with something completely different

Enjoy the stay and make friends! If you use common sense you'll be fine.


The Creators Hub

Grow your channel!

We included a special place in our community for all content creators, allowing them to publish their streams and videos.

As a content creator you gain a special "Creator" role in our Discord and when you go live you are placed on top of all in the members list for the duration of your stream.

Check our Creators in our Discord and make sure you follow them.

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